The AC Repair Business


So for my first business post, I want to talk about an industry I almost got into and one that my grandfather was very good in: AC Repair.

This can be a very lucrative business. The cost of ac repair can get quite high, which means good profits for the business owner. Of course you want to provide great service and a fair price, but repairing or replacing an air conditioner is expensive either way.

I recently had a friend of mine fork up $6,000 to have his fixed. Yikes!

Take for example a company called The AC Repair Pros (chosen randomly from the internet). This is a company that’s in the right place at the right time.

It currently operates in 6 major cities across Florida, which is a very high demand market for this type of service because of how unbelievably hot it gets. I know because I used to live there!

The lesson here is that the business you are in must have a high enough market demand. Ac repair service in Florida is a great service to provide in that landmark. Because of that, I have no doubt that The AC Repair Pros company will continue to do very well for the foreseeable future.

They actually have a very simple, but well done website too. This is very important nowadays to all businesses. You can see their website at

With how the Internet has basically taken over all aspects of our lives, it is foolish for a company to not have a professional looking website. This company definitely does.

They also have tips on how to maintain your air conditioner yourself. Providing do-it-yourself information can be a great way to built trust and authority in your marketplace.

ac repair unit service
air conditioner

Ac repair is not something most people know how to do, or care to learn about, at least until their ac system goes out. By then it’s too late though!

This provides a great opportunity to put some basic but useful information that consumers can use onto your site.

For example, The AC Repair Pros company has a list of to do items that anyone can take a few moments to apply to their own air conditioner.

The other thing they have is a descriptive and actually quite entertaining video specifically for their business. This is huge because video nowadays has become extremely powerful for business.

It’s ability to connect with your target audience is unmatched. It connects with the viewer much faster than a typical text article or press release would. This is because people have a much shorter attention span these days, so you need something like a video to connect with them faster.

But not just any video will do. Boring, lame, generic videos will not get the job done. You want something that is going to capture the viewers attention and keep.

The AC Repair Pros have done a marvelous job at this. Check out their video:

Not only does it identify AC repair as the main topic of the video, it is also very entertaining and much different than every other video competing air conditioner repair companies might have.

I hope this post was helpful. I’m actually still thinking about getting into this industry but we’ll see how it goes. Hours can be quite demanding. But what business isn’t right!

Any questions, shoot me an email. I also take requests about specific industries you’d like me to write about. So send them over!

Until next time!